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Referral Traffic


Referral traffic is one of the most influential traffic types. It's massively connected not only to your rankings but to your PageRank and income as well. Referred traffic displays how unique and honorable your content to other websites is.
Websites referring to your site will show search engines that your content stands out and possibly has the best value to other people. Therefore your website will rank higher when you have referral traffic to your website, and you won't depend on your ranking as much.

Essential Traffic Source

Referral traffic is an essential traffic source for any website. Try to get as many good backlinks as possible, delivering real human traffic. Please don't rely only on bot traffic, as the combination of multiple SEO techniques is the key to success.

Best Setting

Search for existing backlinks you already have and send traffic from those sites to your website. This method makes your backlinks seem more valid. Additionally, it looks more authentic and natural to search engines and others.

Referring bot traffic just from any random site is not anything you should do to improve your ranking. There should be natural backlinks your campaign is referring to. If you don't have any backlinks, we recommend you use our organic or direct traffic instead.

Updated on: 21/05/2021

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